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It’s Raining in December

We are ten days away from Christmas Eve and it is raining in Minneapolis, MN. And no, not freezing rain or just slushy snow. Legitimate grab your umbrella, unpack your rain boots, the old man is snoring kind of rain. Evidence of snowfall has melted away and I am constantly feeling overdressed in my pink hat and delightfully warm mittens. It feels as though Fall is approaching, rather than Christmas.

Hot Pink Hat: non-traditional rain gear.

Last year at this time we were recovering from a crazy blizzard. People were snowed in, roads were closed, and the only way to redeem the coveted Qdoba “Snow Day BOGO” was to walk there through several feet of snow. And this year it’s raining.

December 2010 causes Metrodome roof to collapse. Photo credit:

It just goes to show that life is filled with unexpected surprises. Some are seemingly insignificant. Some are wonderful. Some are scary, some are terrifying, and some are life changing. But each and everyone is a reminder that we must take each opportunity to be thankful for our blessings (like an unseasonably warm morning wait at the bus stop), to grow, and to embrace this crazy/wonderful/scary/terrifying/beautiful life.

P.S. Oh yeah, I’m back to blogging! Which is a feat almost as shocking as rain in December.


2 responses to “It’s Raining in December

  1. Maren ⋅

    Bring the blog back!! What have you been doing?!

  2. Maren ⋅

    Seriously! Where are you aptfourzerothree?! The blogisphere needs you!!

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