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Addiction: Shoes.

I am a girl with an addiction to diet coke, Qdoba veggie burritos, and, you guessed it as the title notes, shoes. Sneakers, flats, sandals, high heels (that I will NEVER be coordinated enough to wear), boots…I simply can’t get enough of them. So, when I came across this tutorial (via this blog via Craftgawker), I was instantly sold. Not only was it an excuse to craft (oh yeah, we can add that to the addiction list), it was the perfect excuse for a new pair of shoes. So here goes my little shoe tutorial, just for you!

First things first, I needed a POA. While I loved the Missoni-inspired kicks, I decided to come up with a different design for my first foray into painted shoes: zebra print. Why zebra print, you ask? Why not (and I recently saw Lion King 3D…three times, so animal print is on the brain). The great part about this project is that you get to be the designer, which I love. So once I had an idea in place, I got the supplies together.


-$9 Target white shoes (the cheaper the shoe, the bigger the score, in my opinion!)

-Fabric pens




**Unfortunately the JoAnn Fabrics that I frequent is not a super store, meaning they don’t sell stencils. I know, I also thought that was totally silly, so I made my own. All you need is an exacto/retractable blade, cutting board, thick paper, and 911 on speed dial. That last part is a joke, a steady hand will do just fine. I simply attached a sheet of paper with the zebra print design of my choice on top of a thicker/sturdier piece of paper and use the retractable knife to cut out the designs.

Making a stencil...

Proof that the stencil does NOT need to look impressive...

Once all of my supplies were in order, and stencil ready, I unlaced my shoes and started tracing. I thought this process was going to take much longer, and I am sure depending on your choice of design the time will change, but it was actually quite painless and quick.

Stenciled shoes.

After my design was drawn on, I went to town with the fabric marker. Again, this was a quick and easy process! I picked a fairly simple design, and lucky zebra print allows you to go out of the lines and reconfigure the shape, which was nice. Confession: It is a good idea to test the marker out before you put it to fabric…I was a little bummed out by the color at first. I did not follow this tip to test the color first and should have. The fabric pen’s top was reading a lighter teal/turquoise vibe, which I was totally digging, and this blue screamed Stripes gum to me. In hindsight, I probably would have done a robin’s egg blue color and smaller, more intricate zebra print (maybe next time!). But in the end, I think the shoes look totally rad. Plus, you can’t go wrong with blue!

One down, one to go!

Once I finished coloring in the first shoe, I began the process all over with the second. I decided not to make the shoes look absolutely identical, but I think it would look great either way. Confession: I chose this route because I am extremely impatient and really, really wanted to see a colored shoe completed.


Voilá, finished product!


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