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997 to go!

I really had planned to have this post be up on Friday, but apparently I repel technology. My apartment is still without internet (two days until I feel like I’m back in the 21st century!), but I was dog-sitting the little Magster and had planned to spend all of my time watching movies on Netflix (yes, I am now just realizing how amazing Netflix is!) and posting blogs. But things did not go as planned, and though Netflix eventually started working, no matter what I did, the internet kept rejecting me! Anyway, on to the post…

Two weekends ago, while bumming free laundry and waiting for my sheets to dry, I decided to take some time and flip through Patricia Schultz’s 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. The good news: I’ve actually been to some of the places!! The bad news: I have only been to three, which means I still have 997 places to see. This is quite a task, and so instead I decided to make my own little travel bucket list…which turned out to almost rival Ms. Schultz’s as I apparently want to visit every place ever. But I decided to pull out a few of my current favorites and share them with you. Enjoy!

6. New York City, New York

"Concrete Jungle where dreams are made"

I think NYC speaks for itself–it’s iconic, it’s cool, and I can’t wait to go! The plan is to visit and then become Carrie Bradshaw, we’ll see how that goes.

5. Paris, France

Home of the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and about a billion other amazing things, this is a must-see! Plus, I am really good at using a french accent on local street names and other french-origin words and sounding authentic, so I really feel like I’ll belong 🙂

4. Hotel Arctic

Fjord where all the icebergs float by...

Okay, so I read this book in one of my environmental lit classes called Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change written by Elizabeth Kolbert, and while it was mainly a bleak look at reality, it offered some pretty stunning imagery about the wonderful and beautiful natural locale here on earth. Including the Hotel Arctic, which is the “most northerly 4-star hotel in the world”!  Kolbert says this: “to the tourists who vist the Hotel Arctic, the icebergs are a thrilling sight: beautiful and terrible in equal measure. They are a reminder of the immensity of nature and the smallness of man”. It’s easy to forget about the natural when it’s competing with the bright lights and fanfare of places like NYC, but I want to make sure I’m not one of those people who lets that opportunity slip away! Plus, I am hoping to spot some Polar Bears while I’m up in an igloo in Greenland.

Side note: speaking of igloos–how fabulous does this place look? It’s the Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland.

I better add this to the bucket list, too!

3. London, England

Jolly old England!

Like the other cities I have listed, London is iconic and is a go-to for the world traveler. It is also the home of Harry Potter and Queen , so it has some other great things going for it too (mostly Harry Potter).

2. Patagonia

Again, this is my obsession with nature and glaciers shining through. Plus, I think it would pretty cool to just swing by Machu Picchu afterward!

1. Serengeti

The Great Wildebeest Migration

Two words: Lion King. A few more words: I think it would so cool to see the great migration. Mainly because of this video: **

**If you have eight minutes, you should watch the video–it blows my mind every time.

So those are just some of the fun and fantastic places I want to go to. What’s on your travel bucket list?


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