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Back By Popular Demand…

Tomorrow’s to-do list: Blog!

The masses (aka my three dedicated readers) have spoken and I am back to blogging! I am sorry for the prolonged absence…I wish I could tell you there was some extreme (and exciting) reason for the lack of postings…but really, I’m just a girl who is currently leading a moderately boring life and wants to refrain from blogging about watching way too many shows on DVD (it’s better to not blog at all,than blog about that, right?). But in between watching Grey’s Anatomy and working, I have actually managed to check several adventures off of the summer to-do list:

Twins Game

Not only was it a treat to watch the Twins win, but it was made even better by the fact that I was able to skip out of work and use my boss’ Champion’s Club tickets. This meant that my sister and I were a mere eight rows away from home plate–and we were served gourmet food and ice cold drinks! But I must say, while this is always a fun experience, I think nothing really beats the traditional baseball experience.

Warrior Dash


I basically cheated death–more on this tomorrow!

Hannah’s Hockey Game



Only in good ol’ Minnesota would people be playing ice hockey in July! I was able to watch my rock-star of a cousin, Hannah, take the ice rink by storm! I also took an obnoxious amount of photos…I believe some people were embarrassed to claim me.

Revamped our new digs



Some of our new additions, courtesy of my aunt!


You would never guess, but this became a clock!

Apparently my new motto is “I can make that!”, so that’s what I’ve started to do!

Okay, so hopefully this post (and all the pictures) will hold you over until tomorrow, when the real posting begins!

Happy Wednesday, all!


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