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Back to reality…

To-do list: unpack!

…And sadly without internet! I apologize for being MIA for the past week and a half! I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July.

I spent mine lighting smoke bombs:

We may or may not be dancing to Aladdin's "Arabian Nights". Photo courtesy: Stjernholm

Learning “Thriller”:

What can I say? Dancing is in my blood. Photo courtesy: Stjernholm

And blowing things up:

Photo courtesy: Stjernholm

It was a genuinely good time!

The rest of my week was spent preparing for my sister’s wedding that took place on Saturday. I now have a brother-in-law (and permanent nerve damage from helping making favor bags). It was an absolutely beautiful wedding day and I had so much fun spending time with my family getting ready, attending, and then the attending the after party of the big day.

One of the most daunting projects: Pomander balls. Photo Courtesy: Megan Johnson

My sister said it best in her speech: Katie is the best protector, best sister, and best friend anyone could ask for (coincidently, the same sentiments also apply to Allison). I couldn’t be happier that she and Josh have found each other! And I am oh so happy to finally officially welcome Josh and Kylie into the family. Now instead of apologizing to Josh that our family is so loud, he is now part of the of problem 🙂

My AMAZING siblings and me! Photo Courtesy: Megan Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Schorzmann! Photo Courtesy: Megan Johnson

It has been so fun looking back on the pictures and seeing how happy Katie looks—she’s simply glowing. I didn’t know how I would handle my first sibling wedding, and the answer was apparently not well. I basically bawled (and possibly laughed) at the altar as I watched my Dad bring my sister down the aisle. All the love and happiness was just too much to take!

One of my favorite shots! Photo Courtesy: Megan Johnson

On other news, I am starting to get more situated in the new apartment and hopefully we’ll soon have internet and blog posts will finally be a regular, rather than a rare, thing. Happy Tuesday!


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