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Love: Creativity

Tomorrow’s to-do list: move-in!

First off, I would like to apologize for my atrocious editing skills in my previous posts. I must admit that I have never been a fabulous self-editor. First off,  I am a procrastinator by nature and so doing a thorough editing job is a bit of a luxury when you have to print your paper and get to campus in fifteen minutes…and most likely also get ready for the day and pack your bag. Old habits die hard, it seems, as I still feel rushed to publish a blog right before bed. But also I admittedly dread looking back on my writing because I become quite persnickety about what I want to say. So it shall be my goal to adopt more meticulous editing habits for posts going forward!

…who wants to bet I have a glaringly obvious mistake in this post?

Second of all, this morning we said goodbye to apartment 403. I know it may seem silly to be so sad about an apartment, but I’ve been known to be overly sentimental about inanimate objects (or I may have borderline hoarder tendencies) so it was sad nonetheless. It’s an odd feeling seeing everything that makes your apartment a home packed into a fourteen foot truck—my life suddenly appeared to be very small. But then I stopped being overly dramatic and was thankful that my life was not actually defined by the possessions packed into the truck and that I was not moving to Antarctica, but rather across town and would still have access to all modes of communication. Let’s just say yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions—Uhaul did not want to give us the truck for our entire reservation time, which would have meant our belongings had nowhere to go while we waited for the new apartment to be flipped. And then I was yet again reminded why I don’t like moving and also why I will never have a show on HGTV about organization…unless of course it is a series based on people trying to teach me how to become organized. Oh, and I thought I packed away my keys in the truck. Too much excitement for one moving night, but we survived (by the way, HUGE THANKS to Michael, Joel, and Alanna!!).

But now to the actual post…

Creativity is infectious. Creating even more so. It is not only extremely satisfying, but totally fun to create something of your own. On the other hand, it can also be tirelessly frustrating, especially if you have unrealistic expectations about time and your own abilities…(but, I don’t know anything about that ). As I get ready to move into the new apartment tomorrow, I can’t help but be consumed by DIY ideas I want to test out for the new digs! I mainly blame my sister Katie for this; if she wasn’t getting married (and if I wasn’t caught up in decorations and little details for her wedding) I probably wouldn’t be obsessed creating and art right now! But much like the rest of my life, I do not confine creativity simply to arts and crafts. Instead I am all over the place, and love how important creativity is in ALL facets of life. So today I thought I would share with you a list of my favorite (and free) methods of inspiration for creativity!


This website will satiate all of your crafting needs—if it doesn’t have a project, it will most likely link you to a site that does. Every time I visit this site I think I bookmark at least 5 projects that I am dying to test out! Since discovering the site I have embarked on the following: glitter flats, paint chip art, pomanders, and wrapping paper.

Tissue Paper I made for my sister's Bridal Shower!

It is not only a great place to find projects, it’s also a great place for inspiration. Part of crafting and creating is making something that is uniquely individual, but it never hurts to have help on the infrastructure (or even the whole project), this site is a great starting point.

Little Green Notebook 

This blog is put on by a Jenny, the interior designer behind Pearl Street Interiors. This sight is for the more hardcore, I have yet to create anything because most of the projects require a little more time, patience, and funds than I have at the moment, but it certainly provides a wealth of beautiful ideas. And seriously, how can you not want to make this Sputnik Chandelier?

Library or Used/Rare bookstore

I’m not sure if I’ve made this obvious enough, but I love literature and I love books! If you picked out any given book in my personal library you would be most definitely find at least one or two pages dog eared (yes, I dog ear my pages, don’t think badly of me) where I found a line, a quote, or a passage to be particularly moving. But beyond the actual literature, I love losing myself in used bookstores because there is an infinite amount of character to be found and explored. Whether it is finding little notes by previous book owners, or beautiful and detailed old covers, there is something about a book with history that makes me want to be creative and contribute.

And I may or may not be a bit of a sappy romantic.

Megan’s blog

Megan is an up and coming photographer, who also happens to be my cousin, and I love looking at her blog. First off, because she’s seriously great! But also, because you can tell how much she loves it and that is seriously infectious! Plus, her latest post made me want to write about my own means of inspiration. So check out her blog and I know you’ll love it.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Now this one is dictated by a specific location, so I apologize for any readers out there who do not reside in MSP, but if you are in the area I encourage you to visit. MIA is free, though donations are welcome and appreciated, and it features beautiful pieces of art that span all different kinds of mediums, periods, and movements. They also feature some pretty impressive pieces and often time have special exhibits (which may have a fee) that will not disappoint.


I must warn those of you who have never “stumbled” it is extremely addicting and once you start it’s hard to stop. There are several different categories, but I love to go to the art and photography categories and drool over all of the fantastic pictures and beautiful places on earth. Needless to say my ambitions for visiting Africa increased infinitely after perusing some nature photographs.

This seriously makes me want to live in the Arctic! And take pretty pictures while stargazing.


Surround yourself with creative (and supportive) people!

Working with and off of others is an important part of creativity. Plus, it’s also important to have some encouragement and support along the way. Luckily, I am surrounded by a boundless amount of creative people, and I LOVE it! Also, I think I wouldn’t have finished several of my favorite projects, or would have possibly ripped up several papier-mâché balls that I spent hours working on, if people wouldn’t have stepped in when I felt (and at times, was) completely overwhelmed.

So what are some of your favorite ways to stir up creativity and/or some of your favorite creations?


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