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Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Tomorrow’s to-do list: Get organized!

So as many of you know, today is Father’s Day, and in honor of the holiday I would take some time to say a huge THANK YOU to my Dad!

Allison, Katie, me, and Dad


I am often the culprit of taking all the good things in my life for granted. It’s easy to get caught up in the little stresses (which often seem like big things) rather than focus on how fortunate I am to have so much good  greatness in my life–for example, a loving and supporting family. Especially, loving and supporting parents.

I owe a lot to my parents, they have always been a source of encouragement, celebrated in my success, and most importantly been there when I’ve failed or when things haven’t gone perfectly. It’s a comfort and huge blessing to know that my dad is there for me 100%–100% of the time. So thank you, Dad, for being there for me. And for being an great example of a what a human being should be! (Wish I could have celebrated with you today). Also, a big “Happy Father’s Day” to my wonderful grandfather!

Let’s all take some time to recognize those people in our lives, who have our backs, whether it’s our fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents, or friends. We wouldn’t be the people we are, or achieve the things we do, without our support systems. And let’s try to remember to celebrate these important people…and not just on their designated holidays 🙂


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