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Dear Weekend, could you please hurry up and get here?

Tomorrow’s to-do list: papier-mâché like it’s nobody’s business.

Well let’s just say I am quite glad tomorrow’s Friday! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been an awesome week—Taylor Swift concert was awesome! I’m just not feeling the whole working thing while simultaneously feeling sleep deprived. But it’s shaping up to be another busy weekend so it’s time to get motivated. And in the spirit of being motivated and inspired I’ve decided to share a wonderful quote I found on a Caribou Coffee gift card as part of their “Stay Awake” campaign…

“You are as awesome as your dog thinks you are”

Now, for those of you out there who own dogs, you know exactly what they are talking about. For those of you loyal cat lovers, you’ll catch on. I am a fan of cats—and understand their expectations that humans should earn their adoration. Is that really asking too much? 🙂 But there is something admirable about  a dog’s ability to love unconditionally and unselfishly. Dogs will love you without hesitation, whether you want it or not. Every time you return home it’s as if it’s Christmas—how many people in your life run to you in excitement every day when you get off of work? Yep, that’s what I thought. This world would probably be a whole lot better if everyone loved like a dog does.

How could you resist such a face--she's so not photogenic, it's adorable!

Toby's a lover not a fighter...

Or even better, if we all strived to be as awesome as our furry canine friends . It’s often times easier to be our toughest obstacle, rather than our own biggest cheerleader. If I had a dollar for every time I stood in the way of my own success, I would certainly have way too many dollars. It’s scary to completely believe in ourselves—part of the joy that is success comes from recognizing the threat of failure. But I certainly don’t want to go through life being afraid of failure and missing out on success. For those of you who readily step out of your own ways, I commend you! For those of you like me, who at times let fear take over, I dare you be your own number one fan. This week let’s all try to be our own (man’s person’s) best friend!


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