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I’m back!

Tomorrow’s to-do list: T-Swifting it up with my sister!!

I’m back, not just to blogging but also a weekend of fun at home! I meant to write this post yesterday but Allison and I made an unexpected pit stop in Jackson, Minnesota instead. Luckily Allison, Maggie, and I had fountain pops, puffcorn, peanut butter M&Ms, and Harry Potter to keep us entertained  until my parents saved the day!Since I’ve been gone I’ve completed the test (thank goodness), got my Sasha Fierce on and attempted to learn the Single Ladies’ dance with Maren, became a seamstress, crashed a wedding, and had a FABULOUS time at my sister Katie’s bridal shower! So much excitement.

I don’t know if I’ve always realized how fortunate I am to have such an amazing family! Don’t get me wrong, I always knew they were awesome. I mean, you don’t create a Bangles cover band (we also sang “Hey Mickey”, and a little Ace of Base and Shania) with your sister and two cousins called Four Points to a Star without being awesome, that’s just science. But I have taken for granted the fact that growing up I always was surrounded by family and cousins. There is not a holiday that I can recall that didn’t consist of a large family gathering, and several other weekends too. It’s a lucky thing to have these memories to look back on (and countless left to make) and such memories are something I will never take for granted.

Original members of "Four Points to a Star". We could have been big.

They'll probably appreciate this photo more 🙂

And while a few of us were missing this weekend (an Uncle and two cousins), it was so great to all be together. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to have everyone together in one place. But no matter the number, it’s always a guarantee that a Lamb family gathering will include three things: food, laughter, and lots of love.

The beautiful spread at the shower

And by food, I mean ridiculously delicious food. I think I gained a minimum of three pounds between Friday and Sunday. Though it probably doesn’t help that I’ve managed to eat almost a half a pan of Rice Krispie bars this evening 🙂


















There is never a shortage of humor around this crowd, which I love! And even better, the laughter itself. As my brother so aptly told me this weekend, “I love when someones laugh is funnier than the joke”. So very true. Plus, laughing is a great way to burn off the calories from all the irresistible home-cooked goodness!

Most of the cousins--we missed you Joel and Sam!

Me with the beautiful bride-to-be.

So here’s to families that you just can’t get enough of!

Hopefully I’ll be back for a quick post tomorrow, otherwise I’ll see you all Wednesday after I recover from concert-going fun!


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