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It’s all a mental game…

Tomorrow’s to-do list: stay positive and kick butt.

A few summers ago I started to really get into biking. Sioux Falls has a wonderful bike trail (which, tragically, is currently being torn to pieces due to construction) that Maren and I would frequent at least once a week. The actual trail is probably only fifteen miles but by the time we actually biked to the trail and then back to our houses we were able to rack up over twenty miles.  That was just the easy part, we also embarked on a 100 mile ride, along with Maren’s brother/my cousin Brian, to our grandparents’ farm and then participated in the Jesse James Bike Tour in Northfield, Minnesota. That summer I fully realized how true the statement of “10% physical and 90% mental” truly is. It’s amazing what our bodies are physically capable of doing, but then how often we mentally stop ourselves.

Now, I don’t think this is always a bad thing. It’s important to be aware of our own limitations, but it’s one thing to know our limits and another to limit ourselves. How often do we get into our own heads and stop ourselves from reaching our own potential? Personally, I know too often I psych myself out. For example, I took up running recently. This is a big thing because up until very recently, running was against my moral code. I mean, it’s kind of a crazy concept to entertain one’s self by running. But, honestly I don’t know how many times I have found myself half way through a route wanting to stop and take a break just because I don’t want to keep going. In the end, though, it’s a terrible feeling. By resting I end up slowing myself down, but when I make myself push through it I always feel better.

Well the big test day is fast approaching—it’s tomorrow! And yesterday I started freaking out—a lot rides on the outcome of the test. As I was doing my last few sets of practice questions I found myself focusing on what would happen if I did poorly rather than what the questions were actually asking. As you may have guessed, I wasn’t doing too well on answering the problems. Now this test is a little different, it’s 100% mental. But much like those long bike rides, it’s something I can do as long as I let myself. So here’s to a positive attitude and confident thoughts!

After the big test I promise to be regularly blogging about my cool roommates, the great city of Minneapolis and all the fun that can be/is being had!


One response to “It’s all a mental game…

  1. Maren ⋅

    You are absolutely amazing and I know that you are going to do an incredible job today! And don’t worry, only a tiny tiny part of me is hoping that it doesn’t work out so we can bum around together forever! Just kidding!! Can’t wait to hear how it went!

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