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Tomorrow’s to do list: study!

Sorry for the extended absence, I promise to keep these gaps to an absolute minimum. Things were quite quiet here in apartment 403 this weekend. One roommate was out of the town and the other spent most of her time being a stellar Clinique counter manager. You would think this would mean I took full advantage of the peace and quiet and hit the books hard for last minute studying (LSAT is in 6 days!). Unfortunately, I was stuck with Maggie who is not a proponent of productivity. Her idea of being productive means taking several naps at different locations throughout the day and cuddling. Needless to say I spent the weekend alternating between studying, watching terrible terribly awesome Lifetime movies, and the Casey Anthony trial. Today I went back to work which helped break the laze a little bit, but the firm I work with took a bit of a field trip and on the way home I drove past Lake Harriet. The sight was beautiful. Families were finishing up their evening walks. The sun was just barely starting to set and boats were picturesquely sitting upon the water. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. The sight led me to this conclusion: summer is a mindset.

Despite the fact that I have not had a job-free summer since 2004, I still equate the season with sleeping in and swimming pools. When I was young I would literally spend Monday through Friday at the local swimming pool with my siblings, cousins, or friends. The rest of my time was spent sleeping, watching tv, and enjoying the outdoors. This summer, however, is a little different. It’s starting to hit me that no longer is summer simply a time to enjoy myself, it is more simply an extension of the preceding seasons. Looking out on the water tonight I almost felt oddly lonesome—the kind of lonesomeness that I associate with leaving the familiar or the enjoyable for something unknown. So I’ve decided this summer I need to bring back some of the familiar, with a healthy dose of new adventure. This means that the posts to follow will be exponentially more exciting (and longer, I promise)—I just wanted to prove to you that I was indeed alive and still blogging 🙂


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